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Vase sticla decorative

Vase sticla decorative


38 660 314      3-D Glassdecor pen, violet
38 660 572      3-D Glassdecor pen, anthracite
14 505 00        Mirror mosaic stones
38 203 00        Lifestyle Stuccos tools for


Paint the glass objects as you feel inclined. Various types of applications are conceivable. Paint for example a surface and give it an individual structure with the head of the pen. This is also possible by using a tool for patterns. Difficult motives can be applied by using a stencil or a draft.

Tip: If you paint a glass object, you can place a napkin or a gift wrap paper with an interesting pattern as a draft in the glass object and trace the pattern with the Glasdecor pen. In this way even difficult patterns succeed. For special effects you can put acrylic pearls, rhinestones or mirror mosaic in the wet paint.

Tabla alba magnetica Smit 11103260
Pensula scoala grosime:0
3,50 lei
Pasla, D= 30 x 45 x 0,2 cm (A3), diverse culori
5,50 lei
Cometa din styrofoam, dimensiune 12.5x5x1.2cm
3,01 lei
Litera din lemn, B, 2 cm
1,70 lei
Cufar lemn 10.5 cm
11,40 lei
Set decorativ Rayher, flori din hartie, culoare roz, diametru 25 mm, 8/set
5,95 lei
Caiet mecanic Herlitz, A4, 2 inele 16 mm, "Ladylike Birds"
15,51 lei

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