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Twin rocailles set (pendant, earrings, ring)

Twin rocailles set (pendant, earrings, ring)

Twin rocailles set (pendant, earrings, ring)


14 613 392 Twin rocailles (TwR) 82 pcs.  
14 704 701 Premium rocailles 26 pcs.  
14 725 105 Miyuki drops   15 pcs.  
21 120 22   Jewellery wire   45 cm  
21 012 21   Crimps    2 pcs. 
21 283 22   Calottes   2 pcs. 
21 479 22   Carabiner clasp   1 pc. 
21 071 22   Ear hooks   2 pcs. 
21 566 22   Rings    4 pcs. 
14 175 801 Rhinestone   1 pc. 
21 895 29   WildFire   2 m

89 541 00 Flat pliers
21 589 00 Mat for working with beads
89 379 00 Pointed scissors 

All material from RAYHER HOBBY, 
available in specialist shops.



For the centre take 10 TwR on a thread with a length of 50 cm and cross it in the first TwR. Work along with two ends. To get with the threads in the next row make a “step upwards”: Cross the threads in the TwR in the second hole. 
Now insert in the gaps a new TwR (1 half each with one thread) and make again a „step upwards“. Insert in the gaps that are now still bigger 1 rocaille, 1 TwR, 1 rocaille. Make a “step upwards” in the TwR and thread with 6 rocailles a loop for the ring. Knot and sew up. 
Make a necklet for the pendant by using the jewellery wire, crimps and calottes. 
For the centre take 10 TwR on a thread with a length of 40 cm and cross in the first TwR. Work along with two threads. Make a “step upwards” in a TwR and insert drops in the gaps.  
Cross threads in a TwR and thread a bar with 4 TwR: Cross the threads in both holes
Pull the threads several times through a ring and then knot and sew them up. At last hook in the ear hooks.
Is being worked like the earrings, stitch on a rhinestone in the centre. The ring bar is being threaded in a TwR.

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