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Twin rocailles bracelet

Twin rocailles bracelet

Twin rocailles bracelet


14 613 392 Twin rocailles (TwR) 161 pcs.  
14 704 701 Premium rocailles 176 pcs.  
14 725 105 Miyuki drops   44 pcs.   
21 267 22   Catch    1 pc.   
21 566 22   Ring    4 pcs.   
21 895 29   WildFire   2 m

89 541 00   Flat pliers
21 589 00   Mat for working with beads
89 379 00   Pointed scissors    

All material from RAYHER HOBBY, 
available in specialist shops.


First half:
Thread 100 cm WildFire several times through the ring so that you get two ends (threads). One end should be approx. 1/3 longer.
*Thread both threads through a TwR. Take one TwR each on each thread and afterwards thread both threads through a TwR. Take one rocaille each on each thread and thread both threads through a TwR.
*Repeat until the length is ok. The stated material amount is enough for a bracelet length of 18 cm. With the content of the boxes you can make a longer bracelet.
For the catch take on a ring.
Insert with the longer thread a rocaille, a drop and a rocaille in the gap at one side. Knot the threads and sew them up.

Second half:
Attach the ring like before and thread both threads through a TwR. On one side do not take a new TwR but thread only through the TwR of the first half.
Thread the total length diametrically opposed. Take on the ring at the end and fill the gaps on the sides with rocailles and drops.
At last knot the threads and sew them up and hang the catch in the rings.



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