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  • 53 296 000 MDF two-tiered platter
  • 38 000 100 DecoArt All purpose paint snow white
  • 38 485 287 DecoArt Multi Gloss, classical red
  • 38 485 374 DecoArt Multi Gloss, azure
  • 38 485 426 DecoArt Multi Gloss, evergreen
  • 53 461 287 Cotton fabric „sugar torte“
  • 53 243 00   Glue for handicraft
  • 57 012 000 Foil, food safe
  • 33 305 00   UHU wood glue


Put the unpainted platter together and fix the vertical parts with UHU wood glue.

Prime all sides of the single parts with DecoArt All purpose paint snow white.  Mark the upper edge at the  bearing surfaces at the vertical positioner carefully with a pencil. Mask the 3 parts with adhesive tape so that they can be painted with DecoArt All purpose paint classical red, evergreen and azure. Let it dry well. Brush the upper side of the platters thinly and evenly with glue for handicraft. Fix the tante ema fabric roughly with glue for handicraft. Let it dry well. Cut out the contours of the blossoms. Glue the food safe foil and cut it as well. Attach the two platters and glue them carefully with UHU wood glue. Decorate the colourful two-tiered platter for example with baked muffins in crafted muffin forms of the tante ema photographic board.

Tip: Use small pointed scissors.

Suport vertical color Twin,HAN
K3720-06 Creioane MONDELUZ Aquarell, rosu
2,80 lei
K8280-21 Creioane cerate Aquarell, albastru verzui
5,77 lei
Coperta carton A4 230 gr, imitaie piele, rosie
24,07 lei
Stilou Basic Metal Mat F Faber-Castell
115,88 lei
Radiera Creion Grip 2001 Faber-Castell
6,83 lei
Perforator Rayher eticheta, dimensiune 2.3x1.5 cm
17,50 lei
Foarfeca Rayher cu model zigzag, dimensiune 16.5 cm
11,00 lei

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