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Lantisor ROCKSTARS New York

Lantisor ROCKSTARS New York

Materiale folosite:

  • Ry22 000 22 Metal bead, 6mm ø
  • Ry22 001 22 Metal bead, 8mm ø
  • Ry22 056 48 Metal-bead
  • Ry22 056 48 Metal-bead
  • 22 057 22 Metal round
  • Ry22 078 48 Metal deco element
  • Ry22 076 22 Metal hanger, guardian angel
  • Ry22 072 48 Metal deco element, Fish
  • Ry22 068 48 Metal hanger, wing
  • Ry22 063 48 Metal deco element
  • Ry22 060 22 Metal roller
  • Ry21 384 62 Brass anchor chain
  • Ry83 000 01 Micro suede, 3 mm
  • Ry89 473 01 Jewellery cord
  • Ry21 108 21 Chain stitch pins, 35/0,8mm
  • Ry21 241 21 Ring, 7 mm, ø 1,0 mm
  • Ry21 551 22 Spring hook with ring
  • Ry21 566 22 Ring, round ø 4,6 mm, 1,0 mm strong
  • Ry21 583 21 Metal end caps wiht loop
  • Ry21 624 21 Cover beads for crimps
  • Ry33 397 00 Glue for jewelleries, tube 27 g

Instructiuni: (traducerea se poate gasi in urmatoarele zile)

2 x 25 cm and 1 x 30 cm Micro suede
1 x 40 cm Jewellery cord
6 x 3.5 cm Brass anchor chain

For the necklace bevel one side of the 25cm long micro suede, thread a metal roller 22 060 22 and thread back the bevelled end through the roller. Make a loop of 1 cm and fix the roller with glue for jewelleries. Thread a metal bead 22 001 22 and a further roller. Craft the second side in the same way. Thread each of the metal deco elements 22 063 48 on a separate chain stitch pin, bend a loop and hook it into the loops of the chain with little rings. Connect both other loops with a 7mm ring. Hook the metal deco element 22 078 48 with a 5mm ring into the 7mm ring. Hook a wing with the 5mm ring into the 7mm ring between the metal deco elements 22 063 48.

Thread 30 cm of jewellery cord and 30 cm of suede ribbon through the lower hole of the metal deco element 22 078 48. Bund them and thread the metal bead 22 056 48. Fix both jewellery cords with an overhand knot. Thread a fish on one cord and fix it with a double overhand knot. For this thread through the loop a second time and bring the cord with tweezers up to the fish and fix it tightly. Thread two further fishes and fix them in the same way. Cut off the end and attach a cover bead on the knot.

Thread a metal deco element 22 063 48 on the second cord, set a double overhand knot after 4cm and cut off the end. Attach a cover bead over the knot. Set two knots one after another (in a distance of 1.5 cm) in a suede ribbon. Hook two wings with 5mm rings into the knots. Shorten the ribbon and glue it in a metal end cap with loop (let it harden). Hook the guardian angel in the loop of the chain stitch, thread a 6mm metal bead 22 000 22 and make a loop. Hook this in the end cap. Bevel the other suede ribbon after 6 cm and thread a metal roller 22 060 22 and a metal bead 22 000 22. Thread back the bevelled ribbon through the metal bead and fix the bead with some glue for jewelleries. Hook the manufactured tassel in the loop.

Hook 6 x3.5 cm of brass anchor chain in the loop of the chain stitch pin and lock it up. Thread a metal round 22 057 22 and a metal roller 22 060 22, make a loop and hung it in.
Finally glue the end caps on the neck ribbons and let it harden. Hook in the snap-hook with 5 mm rings. 

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