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Cutie tort decorativa

Cutie tort decorativa


71 646 000 Papier-mâché box pie slice,    
                  10.5 x 8 x 8 cm 1 piece
38 485 543 DecoArt MultiGloss, 
                  coffee-coloured   1/5 bottle
38 485 534 DecoArt MultiGloss, cinnamon    
                  1/30 bottle
38 485 295 DecoArt MultiGloss, royal red   
                  1/30 bottle
38 103 000 DecoArt for texturizing    
                  1/4 bottle
38 237 000 Paste for spatula motives     1/20 box
34 497 00   Modelling clay “Ultra Light”   
                  1/20 package
55 519 102 Cotton border "Amanda" 25 cm
55 411 18   Velvet ribbon, red     25 cm
14 400 561 Renaissance beads     3 pieces
39 341 546 Pearly grit      1/12 box
89 799 000 Piping bag
61 069 00   Rolling pin
86 198 00   Metallic set of forms
33 383 00   Multi glue


For the lid prime 1 cm of the upper part of the box, meaning the border of the lid of the pie slice, with DecoArt Multi Gloss coffee-coloured. Prime as well 1.5 cm from the top of the bottom part as well as the flan case in the colour coffee-coloured. Afterwards roll out a piece of the modelling clay “Ultra light” to 3 mm by using the rolling pin. Afterwards cut out the medium-sized star of the set of forms once and the small star four times. Now you paint the four little stars with DecoArt Multi Gloss cinnamon and let it dry afterwards. In the next step paint the top side and the outside surfaces of the box with a mixture of the medium for texturizing and coffee-coloured paint (at the rate of 1:1) and afterwards strew in the brown pearly grit in the still wet mass. 

Besides paint the lower border of the lid in a width of 1 cm with this mixture as well as at the bottom part of the box in a distance of 2 cm a stripe with a width of 1.5 cm. Afterwards strew in pearly grit here as well. In the next step stipple on a mixture of medium for texturizing and royal red (at the rate of 1:1) approx. 1 cm wide over the last application of pearly grit. The remaining free area you now fill in irregularly, like “chocolate cream” with the coffee-coloured mixture. Now you can use the paste for spatula by using the piping bag to garnish (see photo). Afterwards fix the cut stars also with the paste for spatula on the lid, if you want to you can decorate the big white star with coffee-colour. In the last step glue on wax bead, velvet ribbon and border by using multi glue.

Sina metalica lucioasa neagra Metal Bind,16 mm grosime cotor
Rama foto lemn patrata, D= 10 x 10 cm
7,40 lei
Pix cu mecanism si Grip 1.0 mm Conic Faber-Castell
21,52 lei
Sclipici Rayher, flacon 20 ml, culoare rosu deschis
10,00 lei
Lana Rayher, ideala in tehnica impaslirii, 50g/set, culoare albastru deschis
17,50 lei
Pad perie Rayher pentru impaslire uscata, dimensiune 9 x 11 cm
37,50 lei
Stampila Rayher IndigoBlu, "Baroque Christmas Tree", dimensiune 110x100 mm
39,00 lei
Ghiozdan Pigna, clasa 0, Spider Man, SMRS 1650-1, dimensiune 38Hx26x12 cm
89,00 lei
5,50 lei

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