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Cutie decorativa Tante Ema

Cutie decorativa Tante Ema


  • 71 357 00    Papier-mâché box with flap lid,
  •                   18 x 17.5 x 5.5 cm
  • 38 000 102  DecoArt all purpose paint, white
  • 38 043 000  DecoArt brillant varnish
  • 33 407 00    Glue for handicraft
  • 53 402 287   Fabric cotton: Magic stripes,
  •                    46 x 22 cm
  • 53 403 287   Fabric cotton: Mojo, 38 x 16 cm
  • 55 439 18    Corded ribbon, red (2 x10 cm)
  • 12 005 02    Wooden bead, white
  • 53 230 00    Felt-sheep



Colour the inner box with DecoArt all purpose paint white. Let it dry well between the paintings. Lacquer the inner box after the last drying and let it dry again. Coat the outside of the box with glue. Spread the fabric cotton “magic stripes” with the printed side faced down and place the coated box centred on it. Press the fabric cotton immediately with your hand into the two fold lines of the back of the box to prevent possible pressure. Glue the overlaying fabric-edges to the inside. Thread a wooden bead on the 10 cm corded ribbon and glue it as a loop centred on the bottom. Form a loop with the other ribbon as well and glue it on the bottom of the lid. This is your closure. Glue the inside with the fabric cotton “mojo”. Pay attention to the lid and the bottom! Glue the fabric on the bottom so that it is not peering out of the inside part. Glue on the white inner box and at the end decorate the box with the felt-sheep.

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