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Ceas decorativ cu mecanism

Ceas decorativ cu mecanism


  • 62 423 000 MDF plate w. hole ø 1.1 cm, 30 cm ø 
  • 38 590 267 DecoArt stencil paint, hot-pink
  • 38 590 404 DecoArt stencil paint, turquoise
  • 38 000 100 DecoArt all purpose paint, snow white
  • 38 481 100 My Style colour, snow white 
  • 38 481 576 My Style colour, black 
  • 45 052 00 My Style stencil „Sheep“ 
  • 38 653 000 Stencil set for clocks „Arabic“
  • 89 302 00 Clockwork  
  • 89 977 576 Clock hand 110 / 80 mm 
  • 38 024 000 Detergent for stencils 
  • 34 014 00 Glue spray nonpermanent 
  • 37 304 00 Stencil brush  
  • 37 104 00 Flat brush size 16, Synthetic short stick 
  • 38 434 00 Sponge brush  
  • 33 367 00 Mini-hot-melt gun low temperature 
  • 33 377 00 Glue stick for low temperature


Ground the MDF-plate with the DecoArt all purpose paint snow white and a flat brush. Let it dry well. Lay the small round stencil of the stencil set on the plate (hole to hole) and redraw the outer circle with a pencil. Stamp the inner circle with a colour mix of the turquoise stencil colour and the snow white all purpose paint with a medium or large sponge stencil. If possible, do not dab over the pencil line. Let it all dry well. Now spray the small round stencil from behind with spray glue nonpermanent. Let the glue dry and put the stencil again into the middle and press it on. Dab the outer frame with a colour mix of stencil paint hot-pink and all purpose paint snow white with a sponge stamp until approx. 1 cm to the frame of the plate. Let the colour dry well. Spray the large round stencil of the stencil set from behind with spray glue nonpermanent – let it also dry and put it into the middle. Stencil the outer slim frame with the available turquoise colour mix. Now stencil the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 und 11 with the same colour mix and a stencil brush.
Attention! Brush the colour well on a paper towel into the brush, so that this can be applied dry. Stencil the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12 and the dots also with the black stencil paint. Let the colour dry well. Clean the stencil meanwhile. Put the MyStyle stencil „Sheep“ into the middle and stencil the snow white MyStyle paint with a coating knife. Take a little bit of the black MyStyle paint with a brush and paint specified details like eyes or tail. Afterwards pull the stencil off carefully and clean it immediately after utilisation. Let the MyStyle paint dry well. Stencil the clouds also on the whole surface of the clock. Install the clockwork and the clock hands. Glue the distance piece approx. 5 cm beneath the clockwork. Clean the stencil with detergent for stencils.

29,74 lei
Creion Mecanic 3.15 mm TK 9400 Faber-Castell
58,19 lei
Cifra din lemn, 9, 2 cm
1,70 lei
9,69 lei
Margele Rayher din lemn, mate, 14 mm, nuante de albastru, 18 piese
8,50 lei
Set 3 perforatoare Rayher fluture, dimensiuni 1.6 + 2.54 + 3.81 cm
63,00 lei
Etichete decorative Rayher din pluta, 10/set
11,40 lei
Mini stampila din silicon, inima, dimensiune 4x7 cm
5,90 lei

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