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Bratara "Salt Lake City"

Bratara "Salt Lake City"



  • Ry22 001 22 Metal bead, 8mm ø
  • Ry22 003 48 Metal roller, 11mm
  • Ry22 067 48 Metal hanger, wing
  • Ry22 075 48 Metal hanger, Crown
  • Ry83 001 04 Braided leatherette tape
  • Ry89 213 05 Cotton cord
  • Ry21 241 21 Ring
  • Ry21 566 22 Ring
  • Ry21 593 21 End cap for leather strings
  • Ry33 397 00 Glue for jewelleries, tube 27 g



Cut the braided leatherette ribbon to the desired length, plus 4 cm. Thread both rollers and attach intermediate big rings crosswise. Fix them with two little rings at the right and left side. Hinge the pendants with little rings as well. For the lock make a loop at one end of the leather ribbon (at 4 cm) and fix it with a winding knot. At the other end thread the bead and decorate the ends with end caps.

Dosar 11 perforatii cu sina din plastic
Struguri ornament
9,57 lei
36,50 lei
Margele Rayher din lemn in forma de floare, rosu cardinal, 3 cm
6,00 lei
Vaza rotunda din sticla, dimensiune 5x25 cm
10,91 lei
Rama Rayher foto mdf, dimensiune 16.7x21.7 cm
17,85 lei
Cuburi de ceara, Rayher, 200g, culoare albastru regal
22,50 lei
Sablon Rayher, "Mandala", dimensiune 30,5x30,5 cm
39,50 lei

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