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Bratara ROCKSTAR "Chill-Out"

Bratara ROCKSTAR "Chill-Out"



  • Ry22 020 48 Metal roller, 1 pc
  • Ry22 021 48 Metal deco element „Cube“,1 pc
  • Ry22 024 48 Metal deco element „Heart“, 1 pc
  • Ry22 219 22 Metal catch deco element, 1 pc
  • Ry83 018 05 Round laces of goatskin, dark brown, 0,55 m
  • Ry89 213 01 Cotton cord, black, 1 m
  • Ry17 014 102 Pearls „Lentil“, 6 pc
  • Ry21 241 21 Ring, 6 pc
  • Ry21 354 21 Jewellery pins, 6 pc



Lay the round laces to the half. At the loop make a winding knot using the cotton cord so that you get an eyelet not bigger than 1 cm. Caution! The long end of the cotton cord has to go towards the open work. After 1.5 cm make an overhand knot, hoist the Heart, make an overhand knot again and after 1.5 cm make a winding knot again. Thread and make knots according to the model. Cut the round laces at desired length and work them into the winding knot where also the metal catch deco element will be affixed.

Adhere pearls in pairs.

How to bend a chain stitch pin

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158,64 lei
Om de zapada din styrofoam, dimensiune 17 cm
10,32 lei
Inel plastic 20mm, negre, 100 buc
35,77 lei
Roller 0.7 mm Gel CX7 Faber-Castell
2,50 lei
Ursulet din styrofoam, dimensiune 8 cm
9,60 lei
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